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Fineblanking Characteristics and Advantages

Fineblanking utilizes triple action hydraulic presses and an impingement ring or v-ring to trap material in the cutting window.

This creates capabilities similar to a cold metal extrusion process for Fineblanked Stamps.

Parts up to 5/8" thick can be fineblanked with requirements that include any or all of the following:
Parts requiring surface finishes on sheared edges down to 16 Ra finish
Parts with close flatness tolerances
Parts with tight dimensional tolerances
Parts with holes and/or slots smaller than material thickness
Parts with wall thickness less than material thickness
Parts requiring secondary operations such as drilling, reaming, countersinking and grinding
Fineblanking offers these advantages over conventional stamping, machining, casting or forging:
Cleanly sheared edges
Superior flatness
Tight dimensional tolerances
Uniformity of position from feature to feature
Stronger parts
Reduces or eliminates costly secondary operations
Produces complex "net shape" finished parts in one or two operations
Holes smaller than material thickness, close to the edge of the part

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